Innovation Apps

Experience our portfolio of free online tools that help design, analyze and develop new products in strategic and industrial sectors. These tools use analytical, empirical and numerical mathematical models to undertake some of most complex design calculations.

All apps are free to use, need no sign-up and makes no data transfer to backend servers.

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Aerospace System
Land System
Naval System
Rocket and Missile
Fluid Machinery
Heavy Equipment
HVAC Analysis

Axial Piston Pump

Sizing and Performance Prediction for Constant Volume Piston Pumps

Artillery Shell Soft Recovery

1D CFD Simulation to Predict Dynamics of Recovery of Artillery Shell in Tubes

FRP Property Calculator

Equivalent Mechanical Properties for Composite Layups

Covid Aerosol Model

Calculate Your Room Requirement for Safe Indoor Spaces

Solar Heating of Container

Thermal Analysis for Solar Heating of Insulated Container

Shock Isolation Mounts

Tranmission of Shock Pulse through Helical Spring Isolator

Fatigue Life Calculator

Prediction of Load Cycles based on Stress Life Method

Projectile Aero Elasticity

Divergence Velocity for Slender Rockets and Missiles

Air Knife Design

Air Delivery Performance for Blower Fan based Air Knifes

Electric Heater Design

Performance Prediction of Electric Tubular Heater Designs

Cyclone Separator Design

Sizing of High Performance Cyclones for Given Flow Rate and Dust Load

Inbore Ammunition Balloting

Dynamics of Lateral Slamming of Ammunition during In-Bore Travel

Centrifugal Pump Design

Euler Angles based Design of Centrifugal Pumps

Volume Field Slice

Scientific Visualization of Volumetric Field Data using Section Cuts

Kaplan Water Turbine

First Principle Design of Low Head Axial Hydro Turbine

Real Time Monitoring

An End to End Solution

Orthodontic Force Prediction

Calculation of Forces and Moments for Desired Tooth Movement

Erosion of Plume Deflector

Solid Propellant Plume Impingement and Liner Erosion

3D CAD Augmented Reality

Demonstration of 3D CAD Animation under an AR Environment

Target Detection Range

Target Detection using Radar and IR Models

Missile Aerodynamic Configurator

Configuration for Flare, Body & Wing Surface

Warhead Lethality Estimator

Calculation of Blast Overpressure and Kinetic Energy Penetration from Warhead Designs