All you need to know about the Labs and its web applications

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Which browsers, operating systems and devices support Labs and its web apps?

All popular browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari support Labs and its web apps. There is no dependency of operating system and usage is possible on desktop, mobile or tablet.

How do I provide input and execute the web application?

Web app is executed with pre-set default values, if ‘Run’ is clicked without importing any input file. However, user can provide its own input either through a browser form or by uploading one or more input files. The input file format is specific to each web app and sample input files are available for download. These files can be modified on Notepad or using any text editor.

What results are displayed at the end of web app calculations?

Typically, each app generates a summary of the output, which is displayed on the screen. If the app generates tabulated output data, the same is displayed in an online plotter integrated with the web app.

Can I download the output of the web app calculations?

Yes. After execution is complete, most of the apps provide download buttons to export summary and detailed tabulated data. Summary file can be viewed using any text editor, whereas tabulated data can be analyzed using any plotter like MS Excel® or GNUPlot. Some apps display the output in forms, requiring no export.

What are the features of the plotter for analysis of data?

By default, the plotter displays curves for all the output parameters. User can remove or display the parameter curve on the plot by clicking on the parameter legend. The axis scale adjusts automatically based on the selection of curves. User can zoom-in and out in the plotter and move mouse to read the parameter value. The Reset Zoom button allows user to obtain the default view.

Where do I learn more about the web application?

For most web apps, a PDF reference manual document is available for download. The manual has a brief about theoretical background, implementation and description of input/output parameters.

What are the units used?

SI units are used for underlying calculations of all web apps. Units for each input and output parameter is specified in the reference manual document.

What if the web app hangs or the output is not satisfactory?

Most probable reason is error of format or parameter values in the input file. The error may also come if the input values are beyond the range of applicability of the theory and its algorithm. In case you are not able to resolve, please feel free to leave us a Feedback or write to us at labs@zeusnumerix.com. We will respond back to you within 48 hours.

What are the back end technologies involved here?

The framework and graphical interface of this online portal is developed using NextJS and ReactJS respectively. The physics-based tools that perform calculations are developed in multiple programming languages such as C / C++ and Python. All calculations are performed on the browser itself.

What determines the speed of calculation?

The processing power of your PC, mobile or tablet dictates the time of execution. The tools are inherently 10x faster than interpreter scripts as they are executed as binaries of low-level programming language.

Is my data secure?

All web apps make calculation over the browser of your machine. No data is uploaded to any external server for execution or for storage. You can disconnect the internet after the page is loaded and would still be able to undertake the calculations.

Are there any limitations or restrictions imposed on the web applications?

In general, the applications belonging to the industrial sector have no restrictions imposed on them. However, most of the strategic sector applications have been restricted such that their use gets limited to academic and learning purposes.

Can I contribute with my design and analysis codes for deploying on this portal?

Yes, we are open to deploying generic research codes of academic interest on our portal. However, our experts would run a check on your code to verify its accuracy, compatibility and author’s authenticity. For such apps, we credit and cite the original author.